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Voyager on Wheels is a soulful narrative of Muthu Krishnan’s life that touches the reader’s heart. It compels you to read into the pages of his life, as every chapter unfolds a new period in the life of Muthu. Despite the obstacles that are strewn across his pathways in life, a determined Muthu pursues his dream and supports pour in from unexpected corners.

The bond he built with his family, friends, peers, and colleagues: His perspective on facing the adversities of life is a tight slap on the ego of every person who has been blessed with a life taken for granted. “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade” is heard quite commonly. He has taken important life-changing decisions at a very tender age and decided to move ahead with them. – amazon .in/Voyager on Wheels

The Author Prapoorna Kiran writes

” An honest story of a digital explorer, Mr.Muthu Krishnan. He is a young versatile professional with an undeterred passion to learn and grow. The book portrays his journey detailing every milestone that he crossed which is an inspiration to many.

“Voyager on Wheels” is a definitive choice for entrepreneurs and every common man who strives to achieve excellence in life besides all the unending hardships one may face.

The unexpected ups and downs in the life of a common middle-class person that eventually changes the direction of his entire life along with his family, are sewn together with deep emotions. Once the family is exposed to the hard reality of their son’s rare health condition it takes a toll on them and the other side concerning the most expensive global medical solution and recurrence healthcare were a tragedy they were trapped by God.

The trauma faced by them, the challenges thrown by the society, the financial risks faced by them, everything act as bottle-necks for their happiness and growth. But battling against all these odds, Mr.Muthu Krishnan’s family provides a very supportive and encouraging ambiance for him. The lead’s father is a motivational drive to him by supporting him from education to career as well as his loving mother as a pure soulful caretaker and constant rays of light. His elder sister has a major role in molding the person Muthu has grown into over the years.

Mr.Muthu’s consistency, passion, methodologies, provoking thoughtfulness, creative excellence, outlier processing with quick decisions makes his story an intriguing masterpiece. His friends, mates, mentors, tutors, colleagues, and many more people around him filled every moment with constant love and support.

His journey is a blend of emotions, instincts, ordeals, and courage, faced by Muthu Krishnan, a simple neighborhood boy, and his family. The twists and turns at the most unexpected phases of life that he experienced at such a young age will keep the readers glued. The accomplishments and achievements of a prodigy in the wake of reality is a journey to be experienced by every mindful reader. “

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Muthu Krishnan with his Book ” Voyager on Wheels “

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