“ The play is based on true events “ – Sahera Khan

Sahera Khan  shares her  new project which is research and development funded by Deafinitely Theatre

No Words is a  short play  about a Deaf woman, Nice, who was arrested and charged with ABH (Actual Bodily Harm). She was imprisoned for six months. She reveals the truth behind her journey in the justice system. 

*Note: Nice is a deaf character with no specific age, background or region.

PREVIEW No Words by Sahera Khan (June 2021)

No Words by Sahera Khan (June 2021)

Sahera Khan is a Muslim, Deaf and BSL (British Sign Language) user, Writer/Creator, Artist/Actress, Filmmaker & YouTuber.  She is currently a Presenter for BSL Zone and  a Kickboxer. Sahera is represented by The Soundcheck Group. Sahera is on Spotlight and a member of Shooting People.  She is a Trustee of the Deaf Ethnic Women’s Association (DEWA).

Sahera Khan

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