Metamorphosis- A Parkinson Warrior Story of and by – Dr. Shanthipriya

Each person has a different story to tell, his  own inspiring story.

Some are diagnosed immediately some take years. Same with the medications, each ones Parkinson’s is unique as his fingerprint. Symptoms vary, and progression is different . But all of us  – fighting the same battle.

Once diagnosed you take one of the two paths, either you give up  and do nothing or accept & move on and make a difference.

I chose the latter. I call myself a warrior, we all are fighting every second every minute every hour every single day.

“Do not go where the path leads 

But go where there’s no  path and leave a trail”

Embarking into my 10 th year with Pd I look back and realise  – WOW  !!

What a roller coaster ride it had been. From the day of diagnosis, periods of denial, acceptance, exercise ,starting my foundation , and DBS  ( Deep Brain Stimulation )

Phew what a journey !!!!!!

And –  the journey continues….

The year 2018 was the turning point in my life .I stumbled upon the opportunity to take part In Mrs Internations pageant held in Singapore . A life changing experience.It was different and difficult competing with normal people especially while preparing for it. Every round was a challenge. I  had to time the medications according to the rounds , fight fatigue ,wearing heels ,but I was determined that Parkinson’s will never ever take over me. I won the title ,most empowered woman 2018-19 and I realised my purpose here on earth.

When I came back to India I started my Instagram handle Shake off and Move on 

and April last year started my foundation – SAAR ( Support Awareness Action Rehabilitate )

So don’t stop doing what your heart says – Just Do It.

Parkinson’s made me a better person, resilient, more compassionate to others and above all made me realise my purpose here on earth. 

During this  journey I have earned relationships lost some, some stayed  who  made an impact (they are the ones)  and have no regrets in life.

 “I have an incurable brain disease.”

So what. !!!!!!!

Life is full of ups and downs and the trick is to enjoy the ups and have the courage to face the downs. don’t just survive  but thrive with some compassion ,humour and style.

I live my day as it comes. I believe that Every thing happens for a reason good or bad. Nobody is perfect in this world  and being imperfectly perfect is fine. 

Every day is not the same In the life of a person with Parkinson’s . People around us never realise that and neither do we need sympathy. Just allow us to live our life with out any social stigma.

Life revolves around  good days 

Bad days, on period s ,off period ,Medications and exercise 

I believe 

Life is once ,live it to the fullest 

Have no regrets do what you want.

Follow your heart 

Follow your passion 

Be yourself don’t hide your self behind a mask .

Acceptance is necessary to live well

Don’t let Parkinson’s ever define you

Be active ,move more ,more dopamine 

we are all warriors fighting back this devastating disease 

Last but not the least 



If you can imagine it ,  “ IT’S POSSIBLE “ .

Dr. Shanthipriya – Parkinson Warrior

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