Keep Dancing – Story of KS Sangeetha

She was a little innocent and a beautiful child.  Suddenly a nightmare journey began for her. Her joints started aching , she lost all her hair and began having intermittent fever.  Going through a life threatening situation to dancing and motivating others now, here is a remarkable story of  KS Sangeetha  .

She shares her story in her own words  –

At the age of 14  I was diagnosed  with Lupus. It was a very difficult process to diagnose .  When it was diagnosed and confirmed , I could not understand what was actually happening around me . I was too young to understand the full implications , or understand the difficulties which lay ahead for me. My parents were my immediate support system and they explored all the best options for me .  At that time, I understood that I have to help my parents from my side by cooperating with whatever they were doing for me . I believed in them strongly. While my pain was more of physical in nature , the pain my parents were going through was different . I was given a list of medicine by my parents and I used to follow it regularly.

With the diagnosis , I lost my School and College days, and began missing my friends and the happy days spent in the Schools. My struggles continued for a long time , and my overall health was also getting effected .  Lupus, raised its ugly head at a crucial stage in my School life .  It  attacked my nerves during my 12 th std board exams.  I had seizures , due to which I could not clear the Board Exams. I was confident that the failure was not due to me , but due to the health condition prevailing.  An important point at this stage was – I failed , I accepted , but  I went on ahead again.  With the health issues  I made sure that I took precautions and preparations well as far as my health was concerned, while I prepared for reappearing for the XII Board Exams.   I cleared it in my next attempt .  After clearing my Board exams , I decided to follow up with a Graduation and a career.  I completed B com Marketing Management and then Post Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication .

Lupus affected mostly all my organs –  Nerves ,  Uterus , Eyes , Kidney,  Joints,  Skin , Stomach , Lungs , Nails and I started getting very high BP

My health was deteriorating and was I hospitalized for quite a long time. I was kept in ventilator for four days and declared dead due to abrasion in my stomach . My kidneys failed , and I was put on Hemodialysis for four years . This was the longest and  the most horrible part of my life. My worries were not limited with this alone. My problems and issues continued . During these days I was diagnosed with Skin TB,  it took one a half years to get healed from it.

 My parents took care of me like a new born baby and still they continue to do so. Every time,  I had my dialysis schedule, they waited outside patiently and  tirelessly . This endless care and love of my parents built confidence in me , and this helped me in developing  a new version of myself.  Silently , I continued to keep fighting  this battle for 15 long years.  There were many reasons and occasions for me to give up . But for all the love my parents showered on me , and the struggles they were going through, the least I could do was cooperate fully . This state of mind actually helped me too. By being calm and composed , I was gaining strength to go through the ordeals , and my parents were also getting energized to see me facing the difficult situations with such courage.

14 the of September 2018, my kidneys failed , and I was in critical situation where a kidney transplant was urgently needed.  My mom donated one of her kidneys, and she gave birth to me a second time. Even after a renal transplant Lupus patients do not live a normal life as other normal renal transplant cases. I still rely on medicines,  and even now Lupus is positive . I still have high blood pressure and fluctuating sugar levels.

With so many health issues on hand , my normal life was sidelined. There was always a sense of urgency and caution all around me. I hated it when people looked at me with pity and were always talking about  my health conditions . Though I had many interests , I did not discard them. I kept them stored safely , because I believed that I will pursue my interests.

Media is my passion, and I pursue this field with a keen interest .  For me , performing on the stage always gives me a thrill. Even if it is not for competition , I always like to do classical dance at events.  Now I am an actor and a model,  and I have performed in various short films and web series.  Have been accredited by many awards, and the recognition really keeps me encouraged to do more.  

I get invited to be a Guest Speaker , and sometimes as the Main Speaker. At the time when I was struggling , I never expected  that one day I would be motivating others . 

Now , I have my own YouTube channel which covers various topics and online coaching

1.Support and love from my parents

2 Dancing and Choreographing


4.Working as a Motivational Speaker

5.Support from Doctor

By imparting even a little bit of knowledge , or by cheering up a couple of persons, my soul gains  happiness without any further expectations.

I was blessed with strong supportive parents , and I understand how important this is when one in fighting a battle all around . 

I hope to do more and more and set an example for all those who are battling with any difficult circumstances. I would like to send a message that nothing is impossible in this world,  unless YOU wish to Quit.

Believe in yourself , and convince yourself and say bravely –  It’s Possible

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