Dreams do come true, Fairy tales happen and Love can be found

A Beautiful article shared by Melissa Arulappan, Head of Corporate Communications at IQVIA 
Posted on FB – November 18

With his dwarfism and motor challenges, people ridiculed him for harbouring the thought of marriage. But it was something he dreamt of for long. Then a year ago, he met Roopa at a catering event organised by the NGO they both worked for and it was love at first sight. Last afternoon, in the midst of his colleagues and well wishers, Bhairappa married Roopa in a beautiful ceremony at the Sai Baba temple in Koramangala.

She looked resplendent in red, he was beaming in cream and gold. Both work for Mitti Cafe which used to run institutional cafes entirely managed by adults with physical and intellectual challenges. When the pandemic started and their cafes had to shut, Mitti Cafe turned to cooking and feeding hundreds and thousands of displaced daily wagers and slum dwellers (I think they have done 1 lakh+ meals) and now run a cloud kitchen in Koramangala. Bhairappa used to work in the Mitti Cafe at our office. That’s how I know him and the amazing Alina Alam who is the founder of Mitti Cafe.

The wedding was such a joyous event with the Mitti Cafe staffers helping with the rituals, handing out giveaway bags of goodies made by them and just being their lovely, hospitable selves, even helping each other out through the ceremony. Dhamini who has Down’s Syndrome was there to give me a hug that I have missed all these months, Lakshmi who is speech and hearing impaired introduced me to her two lovely children, and there were more to meet and chat with. So much to take in after so long. But most of all, dreams do come true, fairy tales happen and love can be found in most unexpected moments.

Article / Photos Credit – Melissa Arulappan, Head of Corporate Communications at IQVIA ,India

This news and more about the lovely couple was covered by The Times of India

Bengaluru: Match made in heaven, blossomed in a café


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