Says Namrata Arora 

Namrata Arora, 17 years old,  is a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy, her diagnosis was severe  with dystonia. When you first meet her, you can’t miss her million dollar smile.  She has crossed many challenges. Her school Poddar International has been a role model school of Inclusion for Children with challenges. She joined the school at a Jr. Kg level and now has successfully completed her 10th grade school exams  with 80%  Marks

She wants to pursue further education in Home Science/ Management and her plans are to provide education to children who can afford or unable to study due to challenges. She wants to be a role model for others and inspire others to do more for society. 

Last night when someone suggested its end of school life .. she said  “It’s a new beginning to life ahead”. Her positivity and motivation to succeed is contagious. 

She treats this success as her new beginning ahead. Her other interest includes colouring, cooking. 

She has been the inspiration for the family to support  other parents and children by starting a center under the name of Hi 5 Child Development Center in Mumbai in 2011.  

Jasmeet Arora says ” Namrata Arora is my niece, and I have been nurturing Namrata since she was 8 months old”.   Namrata   became  her  inspiration and the reason for her to get into this field. Jasmeet and her friend Vinod started Hi 5 Child Development Center and NCDR Foundation, which is a Non Profit Organization, catering to Children with special needs. It’s a Child Development Centre and they are soon launching a Inclusive preschool in the name of Cradle and Swings.

Namrata family and her parents are supportive of this endeavour.

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Jasmeet Arora
Founder, Hi 5 Child Development Center

139, Karuna Park Bungalow Andheri East
Mumbai 400 93, India

Email: | Mobile: +91.9820524802


Mrs Neeti S Nagarkar · July 30, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Congratulations Namrata for stupendous success!!! Proud of you dear!!!
You & Jasmeet make a wonderful pair

Akshay c shah · July 30, 2020 at 6:33 pm

I am father of 18 years old meet shah. He diagnosed minor autism. I am try for his study in Ahmedabad. I want right school for his study.

Geeta Dalal · July 31, 2020 at 1:52 am

Superb efforts from Namrata , and Jasmeet . Strong support from the school . Lesson to be learnt that every child can succeed . We need to figure out the needs and guide accordingly. Congratulations everyone who has a hand in moulding dear Namrata . Congratulations dear .

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