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Amulya Vocation Centre

About Vinaya Kini founder of Niveditha Charitable Trust and Principal of Amulya Vocation Centre

Being a Mother of a Special Person with Autism , her journey also started without knowing the proper diagnosis for her daughter at that time.

Like everyone else , she was also interested in putting her daughter in a regular school. Though she was admitted in a regular school, Vinaya soon realised that it was different and difficult for her daughter. Vinaya tried different therapies and at the same time did a Montessori course to help her daughter to learn better. Somehow she continued till her 7th grade , but went on to appear for her 10th in NIOS.

In order to help her daughter and also understand her disability, Vinaya joined and completed the RCI Diploma Course in Autism. She joined A Special School (ASHA) and worked there for some time as a Vocational Unit In-Charge.

Vinaya was interested in starting a separate Centre only for the Girls. She visited different special centres across the country to understand the functioning of these special schools and centres . 

She started Amulya Vocation Centre for Girls in 2012.

It was a very small start with just 2 adult girls , but soon the numbers were increasing. Many have undergone the specialized skilled training at the centre.

Vinaya knew that the older children on the spectrum , keep growing and become stronger , but their activities do not match their abilities. Sometimes there is an extreme range in behaviours from being totally silent to violent.  And the parents during this growing period of their children keep getting weaker – physically and emotionally with a deteriorating financially condition. She was keen on creating a new inclusive atmosphere.

She wanted to work on making the persons independent, so that they can take care of themselves,  even financially.

In order to attain this goal , Amulya Vocation Centre decided to teach a new skill every year,  which can be a profession as a work from home and as a means to earn. This was one way in which a person could be trained  to do something  , which may also keep them meaningfully occupied, healthy and help them to live a dignified life.

Every year a skill area is selected and divided into three different levels. The levels are fixed keeping in mind each and every adult , their abilities, their limitations and mainly their potential. Every person is included and trained to learn the skills and participate in the activities.  Vinaya believes in the old saying  –

‘ Give a man a fish u will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish u will feed him for lifetime’.

Transparency and hand holding in the initial stage is the work culture at Amulya Vocation Centre . At the end of every year , the parents are called and the products made by their children are shown to them. The activities are explained , and the progress of the skill sets of their children are explained. Even the process is explained , including what raw materials are used , where they can be purchased , costing , and where the materials can be sold. 

All the Teachers at the Centre get trained individually in the Skills themselves, so that they can impart the skills to the students. Apart from these activities, persons get trained in life skills. Games , Yoga , Prayers are all taught along with academics too. Attention is given to daily activities and social skills. Functional academics is given importance.  Care is given to see that the persons do not forget what they have already learnt .

Vinaya says her Daughter Niveditha , is an asset today to her not only at home , but also at the Centre too. While at school she had higher level of academic and a nice  legible cursive handwriting. Her daughter was a model  for other students in  academic aspects. She got trained in various skills and vocational skills. She has fine motor skills , and others get confidence and get motivated watching her.

Since Niveditha is verbal and expresses better , she is able to understand other children.  One of the biggest challenge  among adults with Autism is understanding them.

” Not only that we could understand other children through her .. because she is a verbal and can express better..which is a biggest challenge among our adults with autism” says Vinaya

She is trained to do all house hold works , and helps in activities like grating, pealing and cutting fruits and vegetables. She cleans the house, handles the washing machine etc.

Vinaya is very clear about starting the training for children at a very early age. She feels it is easy to train them in all basic needs.

Vinaya feels very proud of her daughter Niveditha, and believes she is a workaholic who just loves to do her work always with a smile.

Vinaya says ” I dedicate my success or whatever I am today is because of her” 

Amulya Vocation Centre celebrates all regional and national festival  and occasional outings too.

Training provided  in following activities:

Greeting card making.

Block printing.

Colouring diyas.

Making paper bags /Envolopes .

Different types of hand embroidery.

Making garlands.

Jewellery making.

Embose painting.

Spiral binding.

Kundan work.

Peeling and chopping the vegetables.

Wicks making.


Packaging etc.

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