A mum helps people use the right words for children with Down’s syndrome.

About Language Creates Reality

About the project

Language Creates Reality is a creative collaboration that focuses on the importance of language when talking about Down Syndrome.

Created and designed by Rebecca Hulbert and design studio Bear and Pear, these series of cards offer a fresh new way of sharing and using appropriate language around Down Syndrome.

This project has been supported by the Down’s Syndrome Association who have included it in their Tell It Right information pack. Read the blog here. Rebecca is also the host of ‘Arthur’s Club’ a YouTube channel that uses creative storytelling and Makaton to entertain while encouraging communication skills:

Link to – arthursclub

Website –  .languagecreatesreality

To contact –  helloarthursclub@gmail.com.

Cards are viewable in plain text format, click the  symbol under each language card to view. Please visit the site for more info and update .languagecreatesreality

Please visit Site for more such Cards
Please visit Site for more such Cards
Please visit Site for more such Cards
Please visit Site for more such Cards

Seb’s mum Caroline tells #BBCBreakfast the one mis-used phrase that hurts her the most.

“He does not suffer from Down’s syndrome”


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