Doubling Down Mom – A mother’s journey parenting twin girls with Down syndrome.

This comes from the post of Nettie’s and Lottie’s Mom – who has a blog / site  doublingdownmom  – where they invite you on their journey, as a family navigating how to parent and advocate for Down syndrome

“”” They see something I don’t. I’m more certain of it as time goes on. We pass the same people on the sidewalk, and I see a brief smile, someone busy, or deep in thought. They see more. They notice when a person is in need of their smiles. They will literally turn around and follow them, saying hi on repeat until that person stops and knows that they are seen. At first I felt so awkward and confused, trying to steer them away, hushing them all the while. Then I saw the faces of these people, when they see how incessantly determined Nettie and Lottie are to get their attention.

 Without fail- these people stop, and after several minutes of Lottie’s sweet airy “hiiiiiiis”, they are telling me thank you, and how much the interaction meant to them. I stand to the side, slightly in shock, as the people who never stood out to me, swell up in tears, because my daughters saw their need to be seen.

Nettie and Lottieyou two are magic. I might not see what it is you are seeing, people’s very hearts, but I will do my best to get out of your way while you reach them. “””    says ……. Nettie’s and Lottie’s Mom

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