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Digital Marketing Training to empower differently abled through online training.

Article submitted by Yogesh Sonar

Hi My Name is Yogesh Sonar.  I am from Pune. I am a digital marketing trainer and a consultant. I have trained many physically disabled people across India and enabled them to become independent. 

Due to Polio at a very young age,  I was disabled in one leg. I faced many challenges in my childhood and during School and College. I can understand the difficulties the Challenged face for education and for a career.  

I am now experienced with 8+ years in Digital Marketing Field.  With an interest to train other persons with disabilities (PwD) , I have given training to more than 1000+ students and also for start up companies.

With business across online platforms increasing, all companies want to have an online business presence. Some of the companies have just a presence , but most of the companies have an online portal for business transactions. This has created a  huge demand for digital marketing. And the opportunities for job placements or consultants are also more.  I have trained individuals, and I have given also corporate training to sales and marketing professionals in the domains of finance, 

e-commerce, real estate, management, healthcare, etc.  These trainings have helped individuals get placements , and the companies, professionals and businessmen have expanded their businesses successfully.

I myself have fared better after I became a Trained Consultant for Digital Marketing.

When I was struggling through my difficult times , I always had a dream to empower the differently abled people , but at that time I did not know – How ?

But with my career growing in the field of software and digital marketing, I soon designed a goal – to  train physically disabled people in web technology , software , and online marketing techniques. My interest would be to train the persons to make them employable.  Today, there are a lot of business or online work opportunities and social media has opened up huge opportunities for the community. “They can connect with companies all over the world thanks to social media. By training the differently abled , I believe that in my own small way, I would  empower them, so they don’t face the challenges I did”.

I mainly focus  on current industry trends like social media marketing, Google advertising, YouTube marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.  With maximum number of persons using smart phones, I am confident of reaching  out to a large number of people. I can train in Marathi, Hindi and English.

 “I want to encourage disabled people to look at social media as an earning opportunity. In this lockdown period some of the people are using the internet and smartphone for time pass, and wasting their time. Instead they can acquire useful skills that can help them to earn”.

Among those to have benefitted from my training is one person in Bengaluru. This person has Osteogenesis Imperfects (OI) or brittle bone disease and uses a wheelchair. For years he worked night shifts at a BPO and was unhappy with his salary and lack of progress.

“I reached out to the Indian Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (IOIF) for help with a new job that would reduce my commute and work hours”, says the person. The IOIF connected him to me. Now he works in a reputed IT company. “I work the day shift and earn much more and have weekends off. My life has changed completely”.

Archana Ravindran, Founder, IOIF, says my training has enabled many people with the condition to lead fulfilling lives. “They get different freelance assignments and are able to work from home at their convenience”.

Another person from Hyderabad, a youngster plans to put the training he received to build his career as a singer. “I lost my legs and an arm as a child when I accidentally touched a live electric wire”. The 18 year old  wants to become a rapper. He has quite a following in his college in Hyderabad and on the Internet. “With the digital marketing training I have received from Yogesh, I aim to become a rockstar”.

My dream is to change the lives of even more needy disabled people around the country by giving them the means to live independently.

I currently work from Pune , but have an online presence. I would like to expand my operations and presence all over India, so that more number of persons can benefit from my training.

GET IN TOUCH: If you are a person with disability and would be interested in learning from Yogesh Sonar, you can reach him at  +91-95954-21670 or yogeshsonar.nmu@gmail.com 

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