An Inspiring Message to Create an awareness on Asperger Syndrome

By Thrisha

Note –  Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s, is a developmental disorder characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. Asperger’s syndrome is a condition on the autism spectrum.

Coming to terms with the prevailing conditions , and wanting to help others understand this syndrome , Thrisha has made a video message to spread awareness about Asperger Syndrome.

Please read and listen to her story – 

Hello everyone 

I am going to be sharing a story about my journey with you all. Let’s get started. My name is Thrisha. I am finishing school soon and I am stepping into college in a few months. I have asperges. Like many of you, I like chocolates. I am well-educated. I do everything that a normal human being would do. But what makes me different from all of you? I am willing to take the steps to get into your world. Are you willing to take the steps to get into my world?

People with the asperges condition may be socially awkward and have an all-absorbing interest in specific topics. I found out that I had asperges only after my mom told me that when I was twelve years old. But I took a long time to accept it. I was as well taken to many psychiatrists and they also said I have asperges. I lived in the United States of America from the day I was born until I turned thirteen years old. My world is personally different from you all. During childhood, I had difficulty making friends. However I did have a few friends in my personalised world. Besides that, I was teased and rejected and sometimes bullied. I have always been very innocent. I didn’t understand what I did wrong. When I thought everyone was behaving this way with me, I got very confused and I did things to get attention with everyone. Though I had difficulty making friends, my mother has always been there for me and loving and caring and supportive to me. My therapists are like family to me and they taught me the basic life skills when I was a child. Sometimes I get very anxious when I am faced with new changes in life. Though it is hard for me, I still take time to get used to it. When I am sad or upset, I always take time to get over it as I am sensitive. I feel the challenges shape me up as a person. Sometimes I might say something in impulse which I don’t really mean. Some will understand and some won’t understand. I go through all sorts of emotions like a regular person. My emotions are more visible to everyone as I don’t hide it and venting out always helps me. Many of you should be aware that talking to a person always helps you to get it out of your mind and chest.

Moving to India was a big challenge for me at first as I had to get used to the a very new personalised world but then it took one year for me to get used to India as a whole. I started getting more friends in my age group after moving to India. I don’t crave for friends at school because these kids can be mean and they hurt me badly. I forgive them because I choose to be a better person. I have a good family and friends around me. Asperges is not scary, knowing that it has helped me to understand myself as a person. I also hope people out there understand who you are so that you can treat everyone with kindness. From where I stand, you are as well different to me. I choose to treat you with kindness, understanding, and foregiveness. Don’t you think these are essential qualities of a human being?

I sincerely thank my mentors Cindy, Anthony, Kim, Satish uncle, and my school counselors for helping me immensely. I am a confident, young woman in my journey who can take care of myself by studying well and educating myself and keeping myself healthy along with physical exercise and by helping my mo with household chores. I cook simple food and I have goals for myself.

Hope you all like the video and get inspired. Thank you so much!

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