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Rajen Nair a partially deaf photographer from Mumbai, used his passion for Photography to overcome his own difficult times. Today, through his initiatives he is helping Children across India to find happiness and hope through their photography skills.

When Rajen Nair was diagnosed with tinnitus, a condition that leads to hardening of the arteries to the ears, he had to undergo a surgery to rectify his hearing disability, but, it did not help. Because of his partial deafness, he soon lost his job too. The sudden change of events pushed Rajen into depression to the level that he began to have suicidal thoughts.

Rajan started exploring writing as an option for career, and joined a course in journalism and photography from Mumbai University. He had a flair for writing and wanted to pursue this course for journalism. Photography was not his first choice, but soon realised that his Photographs were coming out very well and were getting credits and recognitions.

Today, Rajen is a well known Freelance Photographer and a Photo Journalist. He, now  regularly contributes to Guardian Weekly UK, Ohmynews Seoul S.Korea , DNA newspaper and Kairali TV Channel.

He was soon keen on teaching photography skills to others. In 2009 he started teaching photography, conducting free photo class for deaf on weekends, at Sanskardham school for impaired hearing, Goregoan, Mumbai. His was keen on imparting the skills to these children to make them look at this as a career for themselves when they grow up.

In 2011 , Rajen started a FB page deaf Photography, with his group of deaf students. He took upon himself the responsiblity to introduce photography to deaf community all over India. He was soon conducting photography classes at NGOs from Mumbai, Faridabad, Goa and Hubli. He conducted classes for Autistic Children and Children with Disabilities.

In 2012/13 he began conducting free photo workshop for annual HOPE program at Tata Memorial Hospital organised by NGO Impacct Foundation.

From 2014/15 he holds regular free photo class at pediatric ward of Tata Memorial hospital. And also began conducting photo workshop for St Jude childcare at their various Centres in Mumbai.

Rajen has been teaching photography to specially-abled youngsters as well as children diagnosed with cancer for more than a decade, and has been wanting to start a Gallery of his own. His students and friends have also been asking him to start a Gallery soon.

Gallery and Online Photography Classes are on Rajen’s priority list now. But at the moment, he has dedicated 2 pages @cancerartproject and @enabled_photography on Instagram, to encourage his students and also to create awareness. Rajen says “ the children love to see their skills showcased and get appreciation “

Rajen says   ‘Photography serves as a visual tool of expression for the cancer affected children. I believe cancer treatment takes care of the physical aspect of the disease but not the mental well being of the patient. Photography provides joy and brings smiles to the faces of these kids making them forget the pain and suffering of treatment and help battle the disease. Creativity gives them some meaning and purpose to live in life. Since long treatment keeps them away from schools so they miss out on education. Photography is good career option to work as wedding photographer or fashion photographer for cancer survivors. They can work as full time professional photographer or part time on weekends as wedding photographer. They can seek employment as photo-journalist in media.  Photography helps in spreading cancer awareness too.” 

Recognition –  listing a few

in 2016 he was given an award in skill development by BPCL and presented by Central Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan 

In 2016 he was selected as one of the Mumbai Heros by FM Radio City Mumbai 

In 2017 he was invited for a photo talk by Vellore Institue of Technology 

In 2018 he was felicitated by Indian International Model United Nation in Mumbai 

Please do follow the Social Media handles and help Rajen and his Students spread awareness and positivity


Cancer Art Project

Enabled Photography


Cancer Art Project

Enabled Photography

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