Andrew Self on the sets of The Greatest Dancer

This Article comes from the Blogs of Wouldn’t Change A Thing an Organization which works towards  changing outdated perceptions of Down’s Syndrome

” Andrew Self on The Greatest Dancer has to be one of our all time favourite auditions, and it seems we are not the only ones! We recently came across his audition again on the aptly named Amazing Auditions. ”  –  Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Andrew’s mum, Donna, tells us more about that day…

  Looking back at the audition for TGD we can only remember a truly exciting but very long day! We had a lovely journey up to Birmingham with Andrew’s cousin Ruby, friend Tom and Tom’s Mum Sue with lots of laughs.

Sounds strange but although we knew the format of the show we couldn’t really imagine how it would work and strangely didn’t fully realise that Andrew would actually be performing in front of Cheryl, Oti & Matthew!

There was lots of filming – arriving, waiting, leaving and lots of posing of course! When we finally left the NCC some of the backstage crew were lined up shouting Andrew’s name which was wonderful – Andrew lapped it up! We went for a meal by the canal and finally got home about 3am!

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