19 Days 19 Stories – Part 2

A series of stories for creating awareness on Sickle Cell Disease

June 19th – World Sickle Cell Day 2021

NASCO is presenting 19 stories,  a story every day from June 1st to June 19th to spread awareness.

This Part contains stories of Day 4,5 & 6

Day 4

4th story of NASCO’s ’19 days,19 dreams’ !

17 year old Nagpur’s Girish G Gongre, young #SickleCell Disease (SCD) warrior, is an excellent sketcher & photographer. #WSCD2021


Day 5

5th story of NASCO’s ’19 days,19 dreams’

Young #SickleCell warrior from Vidarbha, Maharashtra. One of the 3 daughters of farmer parents. SCD pain crisis affected her legs mobility at 15.

Day 6

6th story of NASCO’s ’19 days, 19 dreams’

Anjali, #SickleCell warrior, from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Lost her father to a tragic accident. Completed her education despite all odds. Now, works as teacher & diligent member of @SickleCellJhark


About National Alliance of Sickle Cell Organisations (NASCO)

National Alliance of Sickle Cell Organizations (NASCO) is India’s first voluntary, non-profit, national organization constituted by patient advocate groups (PAGs) to educate and empower Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patients and caregivers.

NASCO mission is to increase awareness in the general public about SCD and advocate for better quality of life for SCD patients.

NASCO is a consortium of like-minded patient organizations across the country with a mission to support people living with Sickle Cell Disease.

National Alliance is also a member of National Council of Sickle Cell Disease formed under aegis of Ministry of Tribal Affairs and FICCI.

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