The Transformation from a Polio-Afflicted kid to a Chartered Accountant, Philanthropist, and a Global Traveler

Born on Dec. 18, 1975 in a small village, Limdi in Dahod District of Gujarat state, Vipin Jain was a tragic victim of poliomyelitis attack when he was just 8 months old. The polio affected both his lower limbs and paralyzed him from the waist down.

For 20 years, Vipin struggled to walk on his legs, and had to literally crawl with his contracted knees and palms to move around. He got his first tricycle from Lions club when he was 12 years old. In 1994, he underwent his first corrective surgery for his knees. Dr. Prakash Bangani, a well-known Orthopaedic Surgeon who had moved back to Indore, M.P., India from US in the 90s performed the corrective surgeries.

He then completed my graduation and moved to Indore for completing his CA and Articleship in Indore. He underwent 9 corrective surgeries since then and has been able to perform various tasks independently, and now able to walk with the help of calipers and crutches, thanks largely to his own grit and gumption and Dr.Bangani’s efforts.

Adventurous Streak and Global Travel

The disability has not restricted his adventurous streak in any way. He expanded his horizons and vision. He has been driving a modified car for more than 10 years and has also travelled across the globe to various countries, especially to USA quite frequently for his work, all alone without any assistance.

He has participated in various adventures treks in Bali, Dubai, Thailand, and USA. Even with extreme disability, he has been an astute and a successful Chartered Accountant, He currently heads a team of 40+ in his firm.

Vipin Jain

An Inspiration to Many

He is a fitting example of a courageous individual who has battled the odds with 80% disability to achieve what many able people would have failed to achieve.

He is an integral part of Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Shahayata Samiti, an NGO based at Jaipur,as an Honorary Auditor and Advisor for its Indore Centre. The NGO provides free calipers and Jaipuri foot to the disabled who are from the poor segment. He is an Honorary Auditor and Advisor to well known Indore Based NGO , Jain Seva Samiti. This NGO provides Medical, Education and other relief to the weaker section of the society in large numbers. Apart from these he has also formed and runs a Trust  in the name of his Grandfather which helps the poor and needy.

He also participates regularly in charity drives for the disabled, the oppressed, and the poor for fulfilling their educational and medical needs.

He has been invited as a motivational speaker in various organizations to share his transformational journey and his inspiring story on the triumph of human spirit to achieve the impossible.


  • Divyang Ratna Awards 2019 (nominated) by Gujarat University and Kalgii Foundation in Ahmedabad in July 2019.
  • An award by LIONS Club Limdi  as special personality in the year 2014.15.


  • Founder partner of M/s. Manoj Vipin & Co., a multi locational C.A. firm with presence at Mumbai, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Limdi (Gujarat), Indore and USA with 10 professionals in head office and 50+ people employed in all offices
  • He is a Motivational Speaker at various National and International platforms organised by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • He traditionally organizes foreign trips for team members specially who hail from weaker financial background every year, just to bring happiness in their life. So far he has sponsored trips to Dubai 2017, Thailand 2018 and Singapore trip with cruise in 2019.
  • He is an adventure lover and a sky diver having performed sky-diving  on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, US.

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