ONE LITTLE FINGER “Ability in Disability”


(Genre: Drama, Language: English) is a Feature film with a theme of “Ability in Disability” in order to bring awareness about the human rights issue globally!

Over a billion people live with some form of disability. This corresponds to about 15% of the world’s population. People are disabled by society, not just by their bodies. One child in twenty is disabled, but physical disability is not a chance, unfortunate occurrence, it is part of the human life cycle.

The statistical probability that a portion of every life will be lived with a disability pertains to everyone. 38% of people believe disabled people are a burden on society. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of people have admitted they avoid disabled people because they don’t know how to act around them. One hundred and eighty disability hate crimes are committed every day in western countries.

The film is Directed by Rupam Sarmah, International Award Winning Director from California. Some of the notable award-winning actors are Siedah Garrett (USA), Tamela D’Amico (USA), Jonathan Stoddard (USA), Jaya Seal, Malaya Goswami, Pabitra Rabha, Sayomdeb Mukherjee (RJ Den), Abhinaya (South India), Jeeja Ghosh, and many others.

You will be pleased to know that persons with disabilities have acted in this film. Over 80 children and young adults have acted and played major roles in this film which is quite unique. This film is a result of many years of research about the subject, collection of facts, and music therapy. One Little Finger is a Drama and Musical. Music Therapy based on the concept of sound and vibrations and OMKARA will be an integral part of this movie in soundtracks. Many international artists, Oscar® nominated artists, Grammy® winning musicians are collaborating in this project including Quincy JonesSiedah GarrettJulian LennonPeter Banks (YES!), Kechi OkwuchiStephen Melillo, Kevin Mackie, and others!

Current Status: Releasing Worldwide on Nov 16, 2020 (Amazon, Google, Apple, VUDU, and other platforms)

Source – onelittlefinger .com /the-film /about-the-film/

Deborah Jaffe adds –

“ I have had the absolute honor of being a part of the movement that this film “One Little Finger” represents, with its powerful and inspiring message of “ability in disability.” It seeks to promote inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance of people with disabilities. It will be released worldwide on NOVEMBER 16, 2020, which is the International Day For Tolerance, observed by the United Nations and UNESCO. With a cast of over 80 children and adults with disabilities, it is based on real-life stories of persons with disabilities. I hope you will watch it, and embrace its important message. Click on the YouTube link below to watch the preview.

Thank you to Rupam Sarmah and Kevin Mackie for the opportunity to participate in this meaningful project.

#OneLittleFinger #AbilityInDisability #UNSDG


ONE LITTLE FINGER (Theme: Ability in Disability)  Narrative Feature | Length: 1 hr 45 min | Genre: Drama | Language: English  Based on real-life stories of persons with disabilities  A cast of over 80 children and adults with disabilities


One Little Finger | Releasing Worldwide on Nov 16, 2020

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