Story of and by – Dr.Baranidaran S

I am Barani Daran S. I am currently an independent researcher undertaking research studies in the area of persons with special needs. My research interests are in the disciplines of Disability Studies, Clinical Social Work, Human Resource Management and Sociology.    

I am 34 years old. I was born in 8 months as a person affected by neurological disability termed as Essential tremors in both hands from birth. Consanguineous marriage may have resulted in my neurological disability. I urge parents looking for bride or bridegroom not to go for marriage within blood relatives as that may result in child being born as a differently abled individual. I live in a nuclear family comprising of father, mother and younger brother. I have completed my schooling from schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in Odisha and Karnataka states in India. Essential tremors in both hands is a neurological disease that makes fine motor skills difficult for the person to perform like writing, drawing, lifting objects, etc. Percentage of my neurological disability is 50 percent as per Unique Disability Identity Card of Government of India issued by department of the welfare of Differently Abled persons in Tiruchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu, India. Parents lacked awareness about above stated neurological disability. I completed my class 10th and 12th with less marks as a normal student despite of having disability in hands that has an impact on speed of writing and handwriting.

I did my Bachelor of Commerce from Bishop Heber College (2003 to 2006 batch) in Tiruchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu, India. I got awareness about benchmark disability and had persuaded parents to get medical certificate for my physical disability during my undergraduation. I pursued my Masters in Social Work (Specializing in Clinical Social Work) from Jamal Mohamed College ( An autonomous arts and science college during 2006 to 2008) in Tiruchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu, India. I have worked as Young Professional of CAPART (Coming under Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India) at Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Limited at Tiruchirappalli district during August, 2008 to February, 2009. I did my fulltime Master of Philosophy degree in Social Work from Madras School of Social Work (An autonomous college during 2009 to 2011) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I secured ‘Rolling Cup’ for securing the highest marks in M.Phil. dissertation for the academic year 2011 to 2012. I worked as a University Grants Commission Major Research Project Fellow at University of Madras, Chennai for the period from 20.05.2011 to 31.01.2013. I completed my doctoral degree in Social Work – Management Studies from University of Madras during 2015.  I have worked as Guest Faculty in Social Work department of Pondicherry University during the academic year 2016 to 2017. I received Kalam 2020 awards under ‘Academic Achiever’ category in Puducherry Art and Craft village. I would be soon entering teaching profession in Social Work discipline in upcoming academic year.

I am grateful to every teacher who has helped me in my academics. I was granted extra time provision and scribe provision during under graduation because of my neurological disability. I pursued my post-graduation to doctoral degree in autonomous colleges or university departments having autonomy. Many differently abled students in rural areas as well as urban areas might not have awareness on all sorts of benchmark disabilities and government provisions for such students like reservation in education, extra time provision, scribe facility, etc. I urge such students to make use of government schemes meant for their welfare.

Education is important for every human being in this world. It is needed for sustenance, economic as well as personal independence. If a person like me who struggles to write and undertake fine motor activities can shine in academics, I believe other students with special needs can also succeed. Hard work, systatic approach and persistence are factors required for excelling in academics. And for the differentially abled students there is a need for more determination.

I have seen lack of acceptance and indifferent attitude from some relatives, some teachers and other people in society. My personality has been very tender from birth. I have faced harsh attitude on part of people towards me. My physical and mental health in past got affected because of adverse social realities that I faced. I have recovered from my mental health problem after using Siddha medicines and by the grace of God.

It was a tough phase for me and it took a lot of effort from my side to tide over this difficult period. I overcame the social realities by the grace of God; it became a little easier for me to plan and move ahead.

I request people of our country to be aware about disabilities that are not apparent like Essential Tremors, Learning Disability, Mental Illness, etc. I humbly request human beings to accept, help and empower people with disabilities. In a small way, I keep spreading awareness on the needs of the Differentially Abled persons. I was able to achieve in academics despite of my neurological disability and lot of hurdles in my life. I am still optimistic to enter into academic profession in the discipline of Social Work in upcoming academic year.

I firmly believe that life experiences of people with disability may not be smooth, but one should never give up. Uniquely talented people are born to win.  Believe in yourself, your talents and  believe  “ It’s Possible.”

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