Sarrvajeet is a fourteen year old boy with Special needs. In spite of his challenges he has worked his way and can be a great inspiration to many.
He writes poems, messages, one – liners. He loves painting. He enjoys doing craft work with Clay, Newspaper and re-cycling of plastics as craft items. He is also a budding Scientist who has discovered a talking belt. He has compiled this book with all his works arranged beautifully by him. There are around 16 poems, few one-liners and some messages written by him. He has tried to showcase all the paintings made by him in this book as well as the Greeting cards, the clay crafts and the plastic recycling crafts made by him. He has also mentioned about the talking belt that he has invented.
In fact it is an eye-opener for those who believe that child with special needs cannot have more than one talent.

This book is also his attempt to put across that please do not underestimate the potential of the minimally verbal children.
He is trying to spread positivity and hope through his poems. All his messages revolve around the Universe‘s relationship with us. This book may not look perfect but it is compiled with dedication in a hope to live with dignity.

Hope the readers enjoy reading the heart warming compositions by Sarrvajeet. Hope his paintings render a visual treat to your eyes. Hope you are able to appreciate the efforts of this minimally verbal boy.


Sarrvajeet’s Mom writes further

Sarrvajeet is a 14 year old boy diagnosed with Adhd with some features of Autism spectrum. He is studying in the 8th standard in Kandy International School. He is a visual learner and learns by watching videos and by observation. He loves to learn new subjects. Currently we are staying in Srilanka. I am also simultaneously preparing him for the NIOS exams.I am using RPM, AVAZ, Doman Method, Drawing etc to teach various concepts. Sitting in one place is a problem for him. But the pandemic saved us and online classes was very useful for us. He has varied interests and hobbies. Painting, Writing poems and messages, Science Experiments are some of his hobbies.

Sarrvajeet believes Autism is word is somehow related to retardation. Instead he coined the word ‘Brainism’. During our stay in Chennai he had urged me to conduct ‘Science Experiments Session’ for the children with special needs in the SCAN parents support group on this ‘Brainism Day’ (Autism Day) every year till we were there in Chennai. As Sarrvajeet is minimally verbal we had introduced the AVAZ app for him to communicate. Another important instance is on one Autism Day he coerced me to start a WhatsApp group for the AVAZ users where we have the new users of AVAZ, the AVAZ team and the parents who were already using AVAZ. We are the pioneers in starting such a support group for AVAZ app. So that with each others support the minimally verbal children can learn to communicate with ease. We have members all over India and many from abroad in the group. Now we have Telegram group for AVAZ as well. We were having free coaching of typing Sessions in this group, which I had to halt as I had to concentrate on this book, we will start that again soon.

Sarrvajeet’s willingness to learn new things in all fields marks him apart. He breaks the myth that Special needs children cannot master in more than one skill. He wants to bring this aspect in front of the world. Hence, this attempt of presenting it in the form of a book. He has taken great pains in compiling this book.
He is a great visionary. He is striving hard for the differently abled children to be accepted by the society and live with dignity through his writings and achievements. He is also empathetic towards the environment we live in, and has taken up the cause of ‘Keeping the beaches clean’ by making crafts using plastic containers and plastic covers.

He has also invented a talking belt which will have the Name, Phone number and Aadhar number of the person in his belt. When a button is pressed it will say ‘I am minimally verbal child. I am lost. My phone number is on belt. Please call home.’ It can record a video of what the child has gone through and has a tracker for helping parents to track the child.
He has won many prizes in the art competitions. One significant amongst them is that he was the Winner of Talenteers- World wide Talent Hunt in Fine Arts Category.

Sarrvajeet also took part in an online event and made record in the Guinness World Records, High Range Book of World Records, Extraordinaire World Records, India Records, Kalam’s World Records and Marvelous Book of Records.

This achievement was covered in various news papers and Facebook news.

The links are given below:

He has written a book JEET’S INSPIRATIONAL OBSERVATIONS which is available in Amazon.

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