C.L.A.W Operation Blue Freedom aims at creating three new World Records in Land, Air and Water

Operation Blue Freedom is a movement to express the powerful spirit and ability of people with disabilities, to evolve the perception of society towards our true potential and to secure our right to dignity and freedom through meaningful employment.” –  Operation Blue Freedom was launched by Team C.L.A.W.

C.L.A.W (Conquer Land, Air and Water ), is formed by a team of former Special Forces Operatives of the Indian Army and the Indian Navy in June 2019. This global movement is bringing persons with disabilities and former special forces veterans in action- to drive inner transformation, induce powerful global action for inclusion and advocate the concept of freedom for all. It aims to mainstream the mindset that Special forces and people with disabilities share i.e. to –Survive, Stabilize and Thrive in hostile environments.  

Triple Word Records

C.L.A.W operation Blue Freedom aims to shatter the inaccurate perception of pity, charity and inability associated with “disability” globally and recreate it to one of dignity, ability and freedom on the ground by creating three new World Records in Land, Air and Water. 

People with disabilities will be trained in Skydiving, Scuba Diving and Mountaineering by the Former Special Forces instructors and civilian volunteers. Post-training the team will proceed to create the Triple Elemental World Records as under-

1.Water-World’s Largest SCUBA based Aqua Rehabilitation and Skilling programme-Maldives

2.Land– The largest team of PwDs to climb the world’s highest “Battlefield”- Siachen Glacier, India

3.Air-Largest team of PwDs to Skydive (Accelerated Free Fall) – Dubai, UAE

Full Spectrum Rehabilitation Facility

The resources generated by the World Records are being channelized into the creation of cutting edge “Full Spectrum Research, Rehabilitation and Re-skilling” facilities in key locations across the globe connected to a Global Ability Ecosystem. The aim is to harness the immense productive potential of PwDs (Person with Disabilities) and channelize it into the global industry.  

Icons amongst people with disabilities have extended support

– Maj Gen Ian Cardozo – First Officer to command a battalion in spite of being war disabled (His one leg was blown off during 1971 War)

– Lt Gen Oberoi – President of War Wounded Foundation, 1971 War Veteran, War Disabled (2021 is Golden Jubilee of 1971 War)

– Maj Gen SK Razdan – India’s First General on a Wheelchair / Awarded Kirti Chakra for fighting terrorists even after getting shot in the spine and intestine

  Danielle Brown – Double Paralympics Gold Medalist

– Jim Gatacre – Founder HSA

-Mark Rausch – Founder Poseidon Handicapped SCUBA Adventures

 Chitrasen Sahu – Double Amputee Mountaineer

 Pranab Roy-Spinal Cord Fracture and Paralysis Survivor International Ultra Marathon Runner

Recent Updates:

On United Nations World Disability Day 3rd December 2020 Our Website and Operation Blue Freedom was officially launched by MITDC(Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation) by the Tourism Minister of Maldives “Hon’ble Dr.Abdullah Mausoom” in presence of other Dignitaries 

-Hon’ble Ms.Jeehan Mahmood (M.P)-Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Gender (Maldives)

-Brigadier General Abdul Raheem Abdul Latheef (Vice Chief of Defence forces of Maldives)

-Mohammed Raaidh (Managing Director ,MITDC)

-Ms.Pooja Tillu (1st Secretary Indian High Commission In Maldives)

Operation Blue Freedom – Launch of Global Participant Campaign by Maldives Tourism Minister

-India Participation Camp starting From 1st Jan, 2021 in Puducherry India.

Please see the Details and the Participation Form for the Training Camp

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