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Artist Niyaz Hussain

Niyaz Hussain from New Delhi completed his Bachelors Degree BFA -Painting from Jamia University and embarked on his career journey. His journey from School and then to College was a difficult one .

Niyaz was  just 2 years old when he was effected with Polio. His family shifted to New Delhi in search of medical attention. Being physically challenged and coming from a lower income family , he had faced multiple hurdles. Being the eldest in the family, there always was a mental pressure on him to earn and help the family. Even though he finished his School XII Board exams in 2011, he did not join his desired course in Arts and Painting till 2015. All along he continued doing different jobs to help the family and also to save for his college course.

This gap period from School to College, he feels was the most difficult for him, and he was also slipping into depression. At times, he felt he was losing hope too. When he had saved enough to join college – he started the course in 2015 and completed the 4 year course in 2019.

Art , Painting and Sculpture Art had been his hobby and favourite pastime from his childhood. He kept his full attention on this , even during times when he was working somewhere else unconnected with this field. Even while working , he used to come home in the evenings and start his art and painting work to relax. His bag used to be always heavy, full of art and painting materials, and sometimes even filled with metal and scrap for use in his sculptures. He was used to carrying this bag right from school to anywhere he went. He used crutches and calipers for walking, and carrying this heavy bag while doing so caused other physical discomfort for his back and hips.

During his tough struggles while studying and working, he had continued to pay  his entire attention to his skills , and wanted to pursue this as a career and means for livelihood.  He wanted to create a distinct identity for himself through his talent for Sculpture making and Paintings.

From childhood , he kept learning about life, more because he was physically challenged. He got sympathies and felt alone most of the time. He was unable to run around and play like the others , and neither could he freely travel and have fun like others. He says he was many times ridiculed , avoided , and laughed at. When he was all alone , and feeling depressed , he feels Art ,Sculpture making and Painting gave him company. At times he expressed his feelings through his art and paintings , and sometimes he felt his own artwork was giving him messages of strength. All this time, his hobbies kept him company. Every little effort he put into this skill , he got better results. And with every success , he gained more strength.

From the time he was in School, he used to sell his artwork, which gave him some financial relief. He had participated in a few exhibitions too. Financial constraints prevented him from taking part in some. Either he did not have money to travel and participate, or sometimes he did not have enough money to buy the materials.

Niyaz says every Artist has their own style; and his style has been dwelling on nature and all living organism.  He says we are all connected to nature- interdependent and interrelated. He conveys this in his art. Society shows good as well as bad examples – and his art portrays these messages too. The viewer will understand the message conveyed.

Niyaz says Art is like a Mirror – it conveys a true message.

In 2012, he participated in an exhibition conducted by Family of Disabled

The response was very good, and the organisation further helped him too.

Some other exhibitions he has been part of –

 –  Artworks exhibited at ICCR Gallery Kolkata  ( 2017 )

 –  Artworks exhibited at AIFACS Art Gallery New Delhi ( 2018 )

 – Artworks exhibited at Arpna Art Gallery New Delhi  ( 2012 – 2019 )

His biggest breakthrough came when his artwork was selected by India Inclusion Summit for their Art For Inclusion 2019 at Bangalore . He was able to sell some of his artwork during the Summit and got orders for a few more.

Through some of the networks, he does works for some organizations on a regular basis now. Currently , due to the lockdown all over India, his work has slowed down.

Niyaz had one childhood friend , who supported him and always encouraged him.  During this lockdown period , he recently got married to her.

He is very thankful to his parents , who always believed in him and supported him. He is thankful to his friend and wife , for helping him through his most difficult times.

If there are any requirements for Arts , Paintings and Sculptures – either for personal collections or for Corporate Needs – Niyaz can be reached at his email address or mobile number provided .

Niyaz Hussain’s Brilliant Artwork’s Online Store

niyaz-hussain1 – stores.instamojo – com


Mobile –  98914 86252

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