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A FREE, VIRTUAL, interactive science, technology, advocacy and arts exhibition with a rare twist.  Visit exhibition stands, get involved with live demos, talks and panel discussions, view rare art, films and more…

It’s Vibrant. It’s Vital. It’s Virtual. Click HERE for your free tickets for the Award Winning Festival on 28th November 2020

In true 2020 style, RAREfest20 promises to be a virtual feast that will spark curiosity, challenge perceptions, showcase science, inspire innovation and give a voice to rare disease patients and their families.

Held on November28th, RAREfest20  is  the world’s only rare disease  inspired festival  attracting a global audience. Our media  partners will  help  us  spread the word that  this is the virtual place to  be to  learn about ground-breaking science, revolutionary technology and to  hear from  the rare disease community. From the comfort of their sofa, festival-goers can listen to expert talks, browse the poster and film gallery, interact with demos and experiments, hear powerful patient stories and take part in Q&A, meet the experts and networking

Intro – for Science and Industry –

RAREfest20 has patients at its heart with science and technology running through its veins! Our global, virtual festival will bring you guest speakers and exhibitors from the world of science, tech and advocacy including:

Onno Faber – Rare disease patient, tech guru, entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. Founder of All Stripes, helping rare disease communities unlock important research data.

Giles Yeo – Dr Giles Yeo, at the forefront of research that showed when a number of genes mutated, severe obesity was the result. He’ll be talking genetics, obesity and why research into rare conditions is a universal pathway to understanding more common diseases.

Onno Faber
Onno Faber

Illumina and Same but Different – ‘Illumina’ is a world leader in next-generation sequencing. ‘Same but Different’ uses the arts for positive social change. Together they will present 

 ‘The Journey of Hope: Exploring the diagnostic odyssey’.

Same But Different

Intro – for the Public , Families and Patients

RAREfest20 brings you ground-breaking rare disease research and innovative life-changing technology, but at the forefront of this event are the patients themselves. Our global, virtual festival will put the rare disease community centre stage, with talks from inspirational and aspirational patients, including:

Onno Faber – Rare disease patient, tech guru, entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Founder of RDMD, helping rare disease communities unlock important research data.

Cookies4Cures – US based mum and daughter team bake cookies to help fund  research into rare paediatric diseases. Cookies baked: Almost 16,000. Money raised: Over $100,000!

Rare Youth Revolution – A dedicated news platform for young people to access relevant contented about rare diseases. For RAREfest20, the teams will lead a workshop and quiz

RAREfest20 is a public-facing festival for the experts and the curious of all ages.

For the rare disease community, going online makes this festival even more accessible. Those who’ve been shielding can be there. Those who might struggle with travel to a physical event can join in. Those whose medical needs might prevent them attending can engage and take part. Not only this, but taking RAREfest20 online allows it to be a truly global event  where anyone in the world can attend!

For more information visit the festival website. Tickets are free and available through the platform

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For any questions about RAREfest20 and our media partnerships please contact Lindsey Brown lindsey@camraredisease.org  www.camraredisease.org

Media Partners
Media Partners