INDOUSRARE2021 – Annual Conference

INDOUSRARE is conducting its Annual Conference , a fully virtual event spanning 4 days (2.5 hours each day Nov 29 – Dec 02) from 10am to 12:30pm EST, 8:30 pm to 11 pm IST, with a terrific line up of speakers including rare disease researchers, patient advocates, industry professionals, and patient alliance member organizations.

The Conference is a live event comprising an exciting line up of talks and panel discussions, with interactive QnA and daily open networking sessions.

29 Nov 2021, 10am ET – Advocacy Day Patient led legislative advocacy at national and international levels

30 Nov 2021, 10am ET – Research Day Patient led research programs and initiatives

1 Dec 2021, 10am ET – Patients Alliance Day Programs for patient support, awareness, and education

2 Dec 2021, 10am ET – Industry Day Patient advocacy in industry

2 Dec 2021, 11am ET – Fireside Chat with Frank Sasinowski MS, MPH, JD, a legend in the field of rare diseases

There will be an open networking session after each event.

The complete agenda is available here:

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You can register here:

Free Registration for non-profits and academia. Industry representatives can get $50 off.  Use promo code INDOUSRARE2021.