eCAPA 2020

ECAPA is an annual platform. This exhibition showcases the artistic talents of specially abled individuals. A beautifully curated display of pen and pencil works, paintings, photographs, short films, clay works, installations and other miscellaneous artworks is being organised online this year. 

The purpose of these exhibitions is to provide a fresh new voice in the art space. The world at large will get an opportunity to experience the energy of the earlier invisible, silent minority and include these artists in the mainstream.

Come together and be a part of an occasion special as this.  Help in making the day special for the artists as we invite you to  our annual signature art exhibition  –

eCAPA 2020 

on 30th October 2020 

at 7:30 pm.

Save this date and time! Share this joyous occasion with family and friends.

E-Attend the launch with your near and dear ones, making this day special for all the participating artists.


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