The Music of Life flows from the rhythm of Sickle cell

Even with a serious disease like Sickle Cell, we can weave a big part of life. We have no competition with other people. So, there is no reason to feel bad if things happen late in life. ′′ I decided – not to cry, to question, and to find answers and to keep moving forward,” says Harshal Ramteke, a Sickle Cell patient himself.


He works for his late father’s Padma Shri Sampat Ramteke’s NGO Sickle Cell Society of India (SCSI) in patient advocacy. He advises fellow Sickle cell patients on not losing their morale and motivates them to live a happy life.

Harshal did his Schooling at Modern School and Bishop Cotton School. After getting a diploma from Anjuman Polytechnic, he completed his degree at Priyadarshini College of Engineering. Furthemore, he did his MBA from San Diego State University, California, USA. He is the only sickle cell patient who has gone to America from India and completed a Master’s Degree. Over the past decade since completion of education, he has been working in the field of mobile phones and medical device technology. He is currently working as a Senior Technical Project Manager at Dexcom in San Diego, California

While achieving success on the academic and professional fronts, a disease like Sickle Cell has always kept him challenged. Overcoming numerous difficulties, he kept continuing his journey. There were many incidents where he had to be admitted to the hospital due to Sickle Cell pain crises and could not give the examination. It had become a routine pattern where Harshal had to get admitted at the hospital, take treatment and get back to work after recovering.

“How many days can one go on being under stress and keep crying? We have to accept that this is part of life and start working, first by wiping our tears and then focusing on next steps. Me and my family have accepted this fact and we are trying to make our lives more meaningful “ – says Harshal

Sickle cell work started in America

Harshal – SCD Awareness

Harshal’s father Late Padma Shri Sampat Ramteke worked with a dedicated attitude for sickle cell patients throughout India with his NGO Sickle Cell Society of India(SCSI). Harshal has also got his legacy. Harshal is now working with various Sickle cell organizations and sickle cell patients in the US.

From Musician to Bike Racing

DJ Harshal
‘DJ” Harshal

Despite living a challenging life due to sickle cell, he has not let the colors of life fade. He has continued to make it multicoloured with passion and effort. He wanted to be a ‘DJ/Music Producer’ in the music industry since childhood. What could not be made possible in India, he did it in America with his focus and sheer will. He has created a separate identity as a ‘DJ/Music producer’. He has also produced music in the electronic music genre and his album has been released on all major streaming platforms.

Sickle Cell has not stopped Harshal from continuing a challenging Motorcycle Racing as a Hobby. Harshal Ramteke, has always been a motorcycle enthusiast since he was in Nagpur. He has participated and won medals in various motorcycle club racing events in the USA. He is the only licensed motorcycle racer with sickle cell disease. He has done SkyDiving too as part of Adventurous Sports. Harshal has continued to keep his Morale and adventurous spirit high, and encourages the same to everyone.


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