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Meet the Artist Swaminathan Manivannan  –  ( Swami )

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Swaminathan is an alumnus of Vidya Sagar . A person with Autism , he is a brilliant artist and his drawings have a unique style.

He has shown a proclivity to draw geometric shapes and designs right from his childhood.

He appears to prefer a photo or a picture to copy from and gives it his unique, visual, perceptual slant in his art.

Swami’s art has been applauded by professionals in and around the art and design world.

His work has been used for logos, calendars and as paintings in corporate offices.

You will find his artwork on the walls of Ashok Leyland’s New Corporate Office, on a couple of corporate brochures , and you might be surprised to see sometimes on the popcorn tubs of Sathyam Cinemas  –  and at many more places 

Contact for Enquiries  – 9884434080

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