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Rupak Munje – Autistic and Artistic

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Meet  Rupak Munje  23, born with autism, who is growing in the hands of CanBridge  Academy  Chennai, where he is being groomed to be a star performer. 

Rupak has come a long way despite struggling in every aspect of life, especially being  non-verbal.  He  expresses  himself through  his abstract paintings

He started his training under American art therapist, Melissa Enderle and since then has been mentored by his father Rajendra Munje.

He has created more than 200 paintings and has held 36 shows, in art galleries in India. And his artwork has made its presence felt in art galleries like  Dravidia Gallery, and  Outsider Art in association with  Kochi Biennale Foundation,  Mojarto,   ArtVault   &     Not Just Art online. 

His paintings have also been appreciated the world over on social media. And the art lovers from India, America, Canada, the UK, Australia and other parts of the world, have given his paintings a home in their hearts. 

Helping him transform from Autistic to Artist , and unfolding his Infinite Autistic Mysteries through his canvas has been a mesmerizing journey for the entire family.

Rupak’s extraordinary talent is not only inspiring the world but is also helping his Sister and Dad  find  their bliss.

And his talent also adds energy to his mother Ranjana Munje for devoting herself  24×7  to what he has become.

He is also one of the winners of STIR UP 2020 International competition!

Let My Canvas Speak

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