Multiple Musical Talents of a Person with Multiple Challenges

An inspiring Story of – Jyothikalai

Jyothikalai is a name, which is becoming quite popular on the Social Media in all segments connected with Music, and in all Social Activity groups.  Today this name sounds like a Brand name.

Jyothikalai is not an individual but a duo, rather an inseparable duo. This is a Mom and Daughter Duo who have set trends and are creating waves in the online media and on stages.

Jyothi, visually challenged by birth, Music was the first interest. Her childhood was a very difficult period. Apart from being visually challenged, Jyothi was a special child with cognitive issues, Intellectual disability, learning disability, and attention deficit disorder. She was having multiple challenges from birth.

Kalai Selvi is the mother of Jyothi. She is a Super Mom, who continues to face challenges and keeps Jyothi moving on the right track.

Kalai Selvi is a Single Mother (Divorcee). Though her problems started in life after the birth of Jyothi, Kalai until date has never felt that Jyothi is a problem.  Kalai Selvi had to face numerous issues – bringing up a special child, family issues, financial problems, and her own emotional conditions. However, being a strong mother, she has concentrated on the development of Jyothi and has kept her updated in the musical field, and today Jyothi is not just performer on stage, she is a Music Teacher as well.

Thus – the brand name Jyothikalai was established.

Jyothi had a different childhood – growing up was difficult, one for the health and challenges and other was lack of friends and social life. When she about 7 years old, her mom admitted her, in a School for Visually Challenged. Since Jyothi was also having learning and intellectual challenges, she did not like to continue in this school. When she was 9 years old, she refused to go to this school. Her mother went through a harrowing time to find a School, which would take in her Daughter. She put her in Clarke School where Jyothi studied till she was 13 years old.

Bringing up a Special Child who also was visually challenged was not an easy task. However, the Mother was not willing to accept this as fate, and stop or slow down.  Kalai wanted to train her like all other children her age, but Jyothi’s mental age was far below her actual age – as per medical records. This made things more difficult to the determined mom.  She had been noticing that the Music was having a good calming effect on Jyothi and she was also showing a keen interest in the Music and Songs.

When she was just 10 years old, she started training for Vocal Carnatic Music, and at 11 she was learning Keyboard as well. Her Music teachers and special educators were giving her full support and were encouraging her to pursue this talent. When she was 13 years old, she joined Govt Music College for a 3-year diploma course – Isai Kalaimani. She finished this course when she was 16, and in another year when she was 17, she finished a Teaching course and now she is Certified Music Teacher. Jyothi is in her final year BA Music. She is learning Violin now.

One day her stage performance caught the attention of the famous composer GV Prakash, who gave her a chance to sing in his composition for a movie called “Adangathey “

Today, Jyothi is a Student as well a Teacher. She teaches music to a few at her home, and she teaches a few online students too. There are International Students too. 

Jyothi is a very different person when she is performing. She enjoys the moments when she is on the Stage. She gets invited to many events to perform solo as the main entertainer or is a part of a line up.

Due to her intellectual challenges, her Mom has additional difficult task of keeping her ready all times and focussed on the performance, which she has to deliver on stage.

Jyothi has travelled to and performed in many places in India, and has travelled abroad too.

She call herself Kutti Janu and introduces herself this way on the stage. Being a strong follower of the famous Singer S.Janaki, Jyothi started calling herself this way.

Jyothi’s favourites are – S.Janaki, S.P.Balasubramaniam, Illiyaraja and Jesudoss.  She always keeps telling that she wants to perform along with them.

Jyothi has received many awards and recognition, and her stories have featured in many leading magazines and dailies.  Her Mom has won many Super Mom Awards – from Radio City, Aval Vikatan, etc.  And Jyothi is quick to claim all the awards her Mom wins too, as her own.

Kalai Selvi had to go through many struggles until this stage. She is very keen on making her daughter independent. She knows it is a difficult task since Jyothi has intellectual challenges too. But, Kalai keeps training her on all daily activities too.  Kalai Selvi wants the society to understand the needs of the special children and also create opportunities for them to earn a respectful livelihood. She is keen on working on an opportunity to start a training centre where the special children can be nurtured to pursue their talents, while they can also be trained in daily living needs.

Bringing up a Child with Multiple Challenges to this level has been possible only because of the determination of her mother.  To take Jyothi to the next level, there would be a need for some professional as well philanthropic support.  Jyothi would need to get noticed more in the Music World. She would need to get opportunities to perform more on bigger platforms.

Jyothi loves to travel by flight, and every time she is informed about her next visit by flight, her joy knew no bounds. One desire she has is to travel the world and perform in different cities across the World.

“What after me? “Has been the main worry of Kalai Selvi.

JyothiKalai’s message to all – Whatever worries one faces, with determination one can overcome them.  Pursue every opportunity and every talent you have, and keep working towards making It Possible

Note from the Publisher

Please do have a look at Jyothikalai’s posts on Social Medias. Please do share her story, and her achievements.  If there are any opportunities suitable for her to perform – please do contact.

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