This beautiful message comes from the Blogs of Wouldn’t Change A Thing an Organization which works towards  changing outdated perceptions of  Down’s Syndrome

Wouldn’t Change A Thing ……………………………………………………………….. Meet Tyrese, from Trinidad and Tobago. His dad, Glen, recently shared his story with us.

“Tyrese Niles is a 21 year old young man from Trinidad and Tobago. He has been an active self advocate through the Down Syndrome Family Network which I founded with a group of other parents 9 years ago.

Tyrese is a former employee of Aeropost where he worked for 4 1/2 years in different positions. His last appointment was that of a warehouse attendant where he was responsible for sorting packages for distribution.

Unfortunately, his contract ended during the pandemic and because of the economic fallout, it was not renewed.

During this down time, while waiting on another job opportunity, Tyrese has focused on his weight training, health and wellness and eats a balanced diet with lots of protein, carbs and vegetables. He was a member of CLX Gym, but since all gyms were closed, he trains at home every day, even with his Mom Carol joining in.

I am a physical trainer so this is a great partnership as I don’t only coach Tyrese, but ensure that he learns the exercises and what muscle group he is working.

Tyrese is very independent and also has other responsibilities with respect to his self care and chores. Doing his own laundry and everyone else’s, keeping his personal spaces, bedroom/ bathroom clean, doing the dishes and general house cleaning. He can prepare his own sandwiches but, although he assists; cooking is still on the table for learning.

Carol, Tyrese and I believe that by sharing our story other families and persons with DS and other disabilities will be inspired to set and achieve their own health and fitness goals.

Always presume competence, remove your preconceived limits and make no excuses in your quest to help your child achieve their fullest potential

As Tyrese always says, “It’s all good, love everyone and be happy.”

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