I BELIEVE, I CAN – Says Kevin

Kevin was a bubbly, lovely kid in his early days,  except for the delayed speech – he started speaking normally when he was three. But it was when he was in the first standard in school , that his learning difficulties were identified. Since that school did not have the support system for such children,  he was shifted to another school. From then on, it was a long journey, battling with the multiple learning issues – reading, writing, comprehension, Maths et al.  After a three year stint in a boarding school, he came to Chennai and the turning point in his life happened when he joined basketball coaching at YMCA,  which became his passion. He has been learning a variety of skills – Horse Riding, Kalaripyattu (a martial art of Kerala), drawing/painting, weaving, tennis, computer, coding, music etc. He completed his plus two in NIOS with a first class and wrote all the exams without a scribe. He is driven by his strong ambitions and is ready to work hard to achieve them. He is highly focused and motivated and is willing to go the extra mile to realize his dreams. He is very outgoing and likes to interact with everyone.

He also loves to volunteer for good causes.

His motto is “I Believe, I Can.”

Kevin has Learning Disability , and he speaks about his journey till date  –  Please listen to his Story in his own words

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