The Author Paul C Nelson says his son Inspires him to write on Autism Science Fiction/Fantasy Trilogy with the aim of opening minds of readers about Autism. Paul C. Nelson is a proud autism dad and a retired music teacher. He and his son, Michael live in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. Michael is the inspiration behind Paul’s books. Paul hopes to include autistic people of all ability levels in mainstream fiction, television and films. His writing includes local History, mystery, some supernatural powers and just a twist of autism enlightenment…entertaining stories with a bit of a message.

About the Author – Paul C. Nelson

I’m Paul Nelson, a single autism dad! I retired from teaching music a few years ago and decided to pursue my other passion-writing. My amazing non-verbal, autistic son, Michael, is the inspiration for my writing, which can best be described as Autism Fantasy Fiction. Michael and I are a team. Our Autism Science Fiction/Fantasy Trilogy, FISHER’S AUTISM TRILOGY, is a great adventure for ages 12 and up. It is fun to read and has a strong message of kindness and acceptance. We’ve also started to write autism fiction for slightly older readers. SAVING WORMS AFTER THE RAIN is a Mystery with an autistic hero. BURNING BRIDGES ALONG THE SUSQUEHANNA is a time travel adventure full of magic and suspense. Both of these books are the first in a series that will be growing very quickly. (The Aspen Winkleman Mystery Series and The Susquehanna Paranormal Series) All of our books include a lot about us, and our life adventures with autism. We believe that including those with disabilities in our fiction is the best way to encourage tolerance and acceptance. Please give our books a try! They are ALWAYS FREE at Kindle Unlimited.

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Featuring a couple of Books –

Saving Worms After the Rain: A Central Pennsylvania Novel of History and Mystery

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Saving Worms After the Rain is a novel of Central Pennsylvania History and Mystery. A young autistic man with psychic powers is called upon to help solve a missing persons case in the small mountain town of Renfro, PA. The story includes gangsters, moonshiners and a touch of autism. The scenery of Central PA also comes into play as a major character, as do the quirky, accurately portrayed, residents. This book is a quick read, full of concepts to challenge your comfort zone. Great for high school students,ages 15 and up. This is book one in the Aspen Winkleman Mystery Series.

Fisher’s Autism Trilogy: Through Fisher’s Eyes, Dark Spectrum & A Problem With the Moon 

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 This is the entire Fisher Stevens Autism Trilogy. (Through Fisher’s Eyes, Dark Spectrum & A Problem With the Moon) Fisher and his autistic teen friends learn that they have amazing super powers, including telekinesis, telepathy, and even the ability to fly! They use these powers to fight a gang of evil thugs at high school. In addition, they encounter ghosts, demons and aliens. This trilogy is filled with magic, action and excitement, including a battle at Gettysburg. In the end, it is up to Fisher and his friends to save Earth. Can they unite the people of Earth and bring about an intergalactic alliance? Great reading for all ages, but especially for teens and young adults ages 12 and up. This book is also an excellent educational tool. It is used by Pace University’s special education department as a text book. It is a wonderful way to encourage autism acceptance and to teach young minds about autism by incorporating wizardry, magic, suspense, danger and enchantment. A truly exciting read! The author, Paul Nelson, is a retired middle school teacher and autism dad. He used his experiences with his amazing autistic son, Michael, as a basis for many of the ideas in the books. Paul also tested the books on many middle school students while he was still teaching, and the response was tremendous. These are great middle school level books that are fun to read and teach about autism, as well as, acceptance and kindness. Pace University’s Special Education Department uses the books as a text for students who will be teaching children who are autistic. In addition, all of the books will be coming very soon on audio book at Audible. This is a great read-along book for middle school students. Visit Fisher and his friends. You will have a great time and you may also feel enlightened.

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