Gaming while Blind – Ross Minor

Dr. Amiad Fredman interviews Ross Minor for the YouTube  Channel Digital Doc Games

About the video:  

Ross Minor became blind when he was 8 years old, but that did not stop him from accomplishing some amazing things. To name a few, he is a paralympic swimmer, accessibility advocate, and a gamer with a mean final smash. Come join Amiad and Ross as they discuss how Ross plays videogames while being blind, how the conversation around accessibility has grown over the last few years, and how much more work needs to be done to make videogames accessible for all.

About Dr. Amiad Fredman

Dr. Amiad Fredman recently graduated from medical school, but instead of following the more traditional path of pursuing a clinical residency and seeing patients within the hospital, his path looks a little different. He is  interested in all things digital health, medical education, and how technology can be utilized to improve patient care and the healthcare system outside of the traditional hospital setting. Specifically, he is interested in how video games and video game technology can be used to have positive impacts on people’s lives. And so, he started Digital Doc Games, a youtube channel and podcast to explore how people are doing just that. 

About Digital Doc Games:

Digital Doc Games has one goal – to demonstrate how videogames have positive impacts on people’s lives. Videogames have the power to help us connect, build communities, learn, grow, and heal. Gamers know this to be true, but outside of the video game community, it is lost on the general public. Digital Doc Games aims to change that. Through interviews, let’s plays, and personal stories, Digital Doc Games spotlights how videogames can bring us all together. 

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