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Aastha who calls herself as The Fighter Girl , has a disorder called as Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bones. Even though Aastha has been confined to her bed for a long time due to this disorder , she has not let her passion and desire rest. She is a professional graphics designer, video editor, vfx artist and a 3D artist. She runs a YouTube Channel and is also an Animal protection Activist. A Journey from total rejection to self realization to self motivation and then to motivating others – only possible if there is a fighter within you.

Let’s read her story – in her own words.

Hi Friends !

I’m Aastha from Varanasi, India

My Journey –

-Childhood is the most precious part of our lives – but not,  when you come to realize that you’re one of them , who had never been loved for the reason they aren’t responsible for. It was made more difficult for me when I had to even hear some comments like “shame on you , look at your deformed physical structure, you aren’t made for this world, people laugh at you so keep yourself away from others” .  I was only 9 years old , a time when children were playing outside with their friends, I was sentenced  to a lifetime imprisonment in my 20 x 10 ft room,The room was filled with deadly silence and agony, without my mother and her love and care. Without blaming anyone in particular, I was subject to a very difficult childhood. You can think how a 9 year old would have lived and  survived  with a devastating genetic disease , and with these situations ? I have a Rare Incurable Disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 3, which is also called Brittle Bone Disease, where the bones of a person affected with this disease break easily even you cannot sneeze tightly. Until today i went through more than 75 bone breaks and 13 major rod surgeries in my body.

-I always kept myself away from the people. I was not encouraged nor was I introduced at times. Sometimes I was not even allowed to meet our relatives. I was  imprisoned in unseen boundaries of continuous demoralization and mental harassment about my deforming body structure and looks. Despite the gloomy surroundings, I discovered that I was still alive and was not ready to leave this world before achieving my goal. And that discovery helped me to decide on my goals and also make paths to reach my goal. And that is when I decided to interact with people. Physically, it was impossible. But after a year of inner battles and conflicts and the fear of outcome, I finally decided,  to create my own way to interact with people. I knew, I had the capability to make people listen, and I can entertain them too. I was sure that they will smile after watching my videos. I knew that I can make them give attention for a few minutes, and I can awaken them to find their inner voice in this overpopulated mechanical world. If they can concentrate for just two minutes , they will find a connect with certain truths and realities .This is what people are trying to find by different spiritual ways. I am sure most of the audience would understand and connect , but then again, there would be some who wouldn’t  and these few will continue to laugh about my alien type body structure because of their privilege of torturing a less powerful creature. I think my childhood was the worst phase of my life.

-In the past I wasn’t as strong as today, Can you imagine the mental growth and status of a 15 year old girl who’s bound with bed?  With health issues, and with  a Rare Disease ? One day, I suddenly  asked myself ”WHO AM I” ? My brain answered  – “you are just a worthless burden”. I  got shattered. But then , I asked the same with my heart and you know what it  said ? My heart said that you are Limitless and you can fly high and high in this vast sky, be fearless and overcome your embarrassment and break the boundaries of your body.

The Brain was just observing what was going on around me, the kind of treatment which I was going through. My Heart though having faced so much pain, was prompting me to see the positive sides of me. Once I made my heart speak to my brain – things were being put in place.

– After my first major surgery at the age of 9, I was separated from my mom, and the next 3 years was a period of deadly agony which I spent with my dad. Later I moved to the hostel of my Mom’s school to prepare high school board exams, She is a former School Principal and English Lecturer , but resigned in 2006 to take care of me. She was the biggest support and motivator for me .In one word – she is the powerhouse of my soul.

My journey so far has seen too many twists and turns , bumpy rides , abrupt stops and at times with no one to even to talk to. But, I have progressed. The personal victory of mine in transforming myself to interact with persons and convey positive messages , has set me on a right track to keep looking for new goals and boundaries to conquer .

My Perspective, My Thoughts –

-Life is a journey of fighting battles with inner self to be more better with every new day, to consolidate our strength of life ideals, social morals and kindness in heart and soul and spreading of love and care with connected persons. Fight it for better with all your might. Personally, it took some time. But,  after giving a thought I found capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of myself .
-I believe life is about self discovery. So it is  my responsibility to find my victories , maybe that victory in my inner battle  is the only way to pursue my goal . And definitely, with each of  these battles and with each victory I have been able to improve myself .
-I have unavoidable physical restrictions because I am bed bound from last 21 years when i was 9. The physical pain and struggle drained my energy, but what about my mind which was completely healthy and as curious as a child to explore this world?
-I believe even if I have a body of gold, but I don’t have a strong mind and its unbreakable power of thoughts to integrate my personality, confidence, boldness, talent, knowledge and perception together, then I am really worthless. Here, I would like to add that a powerful mind, is a most destructive weapon as well as most creative living thing of this world. A gun cannot be dangerous until the mind behind it will pull the trigger.
-Happiness Doesn’t Know Disabilities And Capabilities I Realized When I Discovered Myself, happiness is an experience of soul and heart which creates all positive vibes in the body and ultimately helps and boost our body to rejuvenate and perform better.

My Qualifications –

2008 was the year when I got rejected by the medical board of UP-CPMT, they said “should be better if you will try to find a good doctor for yourself instead of trying to be a doctor” and ignored me like I was a mere garbage bag.

-It had taken immense preparations for me to appear for the qualifying exams. I went through the difficult preparatory course despite my physical condition. Somehow the idea of wanting to become a Doctor was embedded in my mind , and  when I qualified for the MBBS counselling, I felt I was closer to what I wanted to pursue. But the rejection at the Counselling session, shattered all the plans and hopes. After that trauma of rejection ,I was broken and my mind was like a frozen volcano … For the next 2 years I was like out of life ..with no plans or visions.
Maybe all this  happened due to absence of mental and emotional support from my family  – except my mom , who continued to support me during every difficult situation of mine.

 -During this inner battle, I felt that If I want to change my external conditions, I must first change my internal thoughts to get good results for my life. As you know, there’s sometimes pain in life. But the courage and the ability to confront any challenge in  our life will make you who you want to become, and rest is upto you to write the  history LOL!

-This is when I decided to change my path to reach my goal and chose  to play with my mind and its maximum possibilities,  because this is the only thing which is not just  powerful but limitless tool to write my destiny . So ,  without giving a second thought, I  took admission in Arena Animation Multimedia Institute and completed three years Diploma Course (AAIP). The course covers Graphic Design, VFX, SFX, 3D Model, Texture , Lighting Rendering  and Animation with Interior and Exterior Visualization.

-I’m working for the betterment of animals and raising voice against animal cruelty, slaughterhouses, zoos etc and also trying to create awareness to protect their original home – The Planet Earth by protecting its environment and greenery.
-Now I’m a professional graphics designer, video editor, vfx artist and 3D artist and visualizer, The Design and visualization has helped me to bring out the creativity inside me.

I have created a Channel to talk about my journey and purpose. and also to create awareness for various physical and mental illness and also to create awareness against animal cruelty and environmental issues.

I would like to share awareness about prevailing rare diseases , and also about Osteogenesis Imperfecta ( OI ).

May 6th is known as Wishbone Day – or the International Day of OI.

We need your support in sharing this awareness.

Please  view my videos in the mentioned link . I will value your feedback .

I need your support to convey my voice to the maximum reach.

Do you feel inspired after watching my videos??  Here’s the link

Aastha – The Fighter Girl


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